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Since 1990 MALIMA® has been the main grower and exporter of fresh cut flowers in the South of Ecuador.


We believe in balance.


Innovation  in our processes

Quality  in our products

Social and Environmental Responsibility .


Innovating every day

Constant agricultural and technological innovations that we invest in and imbue into nearly all our processes, have made us the most specialized gypsophilia grower in Ecuador.

environmentally friendly processes

We are one of the most environmentally conscious farms, constantly achieving reduction of chemicals and water used in our processes. For example, due to our investments, we´ve been able to significantly reduce the amount of water we use in our postharvest process (we´re now using 60,000 liters less per week than we used in 2017)

recognized quality

The renowned year-round consistent quality of Malima's flowers stems from our deliberate choice to select only the best plants to grow, and then following strict procedures that guarantee our flowers have unmatched characteristics including overall health, structure, strength, uniform flower opening and long vase life.