Ecuador's Ideal Growing Conditions

¿Have you ever wondered if our location influence in the quality of our flowers? 

Our home country Ecuador is located in the northwestern corner of South America, where thanks to our climate, humidity and altitude, we can enjoy the perfect environment for flowers to thrive as perfect as possible on well-irrigated soils. 


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Due to our location on the equator, our flowers are allowed intensive sunlight for an average of 12 hours of constant daylight and consistent temperatures every day of the year. This doesn't mean we only have sunny days, we do have cold days, rainfall and cool temperatures which are perfect and completely necessary for our flowers proper cultivation. 

All these special weather conditions allow our flowers to have a long vase life and strong, elastic and ticker stems.

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There are not that many regions on our planet where all needed conditions for wholesale flower production are match to each other and where it is possible to grow up flowers in large scales, that’s why in Malima we are committed to make the most of our incredible location and grow our plants strong and healthy for every one of our clients! 



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