Malima Identity

Malima was founded in 1990 thanks to the work, persevance and  dedication of the  Crespo Crespo family from Cuenca-Ecuador, who with a business trajectory and vision for the future, came together to produce fresh cut flowers that has established itself as the leading grower and exporter in the South of Ecuador.

Malima is our beloved home and has a family spirit that is present in its name,  the union of the names of the Crespo family: Marcelo and Alicia and their sons Mauricio, Manuel, Maria, Dolores and Marcela


Through our flowers like Gypsophila, Green Dianthus, Trachelium, Veronica  and others, Malima has become a generator of emotions and balance derived from innovation, quality and responsibility:

Innovation in our processes:

Our continuous investments in our people, technology and processes make us an increasingly better producer and long-term partner.



Quality in our products:

We love flowers, and we grow them accordingly. Love + technological innovation + exacting processes result in products with year-round consistent quality


 Social and Environmental Responsibility:

We are one of the most environmentally focused farms thanks to our technological equipment like FDCS,  our water purifiers and others. Also, we are the  main employer in our area



   Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is that each flower expresses the balance derived from innovation, the highest quality and a social and environmental responsibility, which allows the best customer service and lasting relationships with mutual benefit to strengthen businesses all around the world.


Malima envisions a future of growth, sustained in a constant reinvestment in technology and a system of cleaner production.


Malima has the spirit of those who work in it. And our goal is to convince you that you can trust in our organization.








As the basis of all our relationships thanks to mutual trust, both with our workers and clients built on our performance and the best quality products.

We work to be the first and the best, practicing teamwork. We are a persistent organization, in which the satisfaction of our clients is our goal.

We have a social commitment to the environment, our workers and customers.  
We have a commitment to our audiences to provide the best product through innovative and meticulously elaborated processes.
In our field thanks to our innovative and sustainable practices with the aim of forging a better future. Clear and truthful handling of our processes with proven legal compliance with our certifications and recognition in the business field.


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