Meet our beautiful Lysimachia

In Malima we grow a variety of fresh-cut flowers with distinct and unique looks, and one of them is our Lysimachia. 

Also called loosestrife, her name comes from the greek meaning ¨ending strife¨, and it was appointed to honor King Lysimachus of Thrace, a Macedonian officer and successor of Alexander the Great. The legend says that he calmed a bull with a piece of loosestrife. 

It has a similar look to Veronica, one of our other fresh cut flowers, with the main difference being a longer and fuller spike, and bigger green foliage. 


With its sturdy thick stems, loaded with abundant green foliage and a long white spike, Lysimachia is the perfect bouquet companion, and we have her available all year round. 


Although Lysimachia is native from central/Southern Europe and Turkey, yet thanks to MALIMA´s privileged natural resources (geographic location, soil, sunlight, etc) coupled with our quality agricultural processes, we're able to grow Lysimachia like none other. 


We keep innovating, and cultivating beauty and with it giving light and color to life.


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