Our Kindergarden

Like any living thing on their stage of development, plants require particular attention and

unique care, that’s why we take special heedfulness in order to provide the best quality of our


In Malima we love what we do; we treat our plants like our own children. For this reason at

our plant Kindergarten, as we like to call it, we guarantee them to grow healthy, well

managed and protected, being kept in a controlled condition, getting better nutrition, bright

natural light, eligible fertilize, good irrigation and great water supply. Allowing them to

flourish successfully by having personalized attention in its overall development.

Thanks to the trust of our worldwide breeders in MALIMA®, we are able to propagate them

in our own facilities, adapt them carefully and produce a large variety of fresh-cut flowers in

the result, a better and healthier plan results in a better and healthier product. 



In our Propagation Area, the first step of our line of production is taken, which is harvest the

cuttings out of our mother plant stocks, rooted and acclimatized them to become our production

plants in our fields. Their job is essential and significant, MALIMA® produce more than

10,000,000 plants per year in order to fulfill the demand cycles of our different markets.

In our commitment to the planet, we have searched and develop Good Agriculture Practices

(GAPs), reducing the use of chemicals, as fungicide or insecticide. Instead, we have

implemented our own natural control using plants and biocontrol’s that keep away any fungi,

molds or insects harmful to plants. 

All these play an essential role, helping our plants grow stronger, healthier and looking





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