The best Gyp: Healthier, sturdy stems

Gypsophila is one of the most charming flowers, with an ethereal beauty provided by its amazing white floral display. This species has long been considered the ideal accompaniment for different colorful flowers, usually treated as a filler flower. For us, gypsophilas are the main character, and by using them with creativity we can apply them in everything to enhance the beauty and provide an innovative and creative touch.


These plants need certain optimal conditions to grow, and being our main export flower, we have specialized in it by incorporating advanced and innovative technology such as our FDCS and water purification processes through Reverse Osmosis that will keep the exquisiteness of the plant durable over time. This allows us to obtain a superior quality and be considered one of the best Gypsophila worldwide thanks to its healthier strong stems, fuller body and a greater flower opening 

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We are proud to say that we have the best gyp and that we’ll continue working to keep  meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers around the world. Check out our catalog to see all the specifications of our gyp variety.

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