The certifications behind our quality

We work everyday to provide the best quality of our products in balance with the planet and those who inhabit it. Because of this commitment, we have been certified by FlorEcuador and BASC guaranteeing that we have the best people, innovation in our processes and environmental-social responsibility.


Flor Ecuador


This environmental certificate issued by our partner Expoflores, denominated Flor Ecuador, ensures that we have environmentally responsible processes and good working conditions at the Malima farm.This certification also includes BPA certification which means that we guarantee good agricultural practices to help maintain international trade. 


               See all about Flor Ecuador here:


Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition (BASC)



Malima, in cooperation with the fight against drug traffic and  aware of the security of its workers, applies the security procedures established by the Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition (BASC). Also, BASC certification  confirms the control work in all production processes, such as packaging, shipping and transportation of cargo going abroad, ensuring that the cargo has no possibility of contamination (smuggling and drugs) at any stage until it reaches the final destination.


See all about BASC here:


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