The certifications behind our quality

We work every day to provide the best quality of our products in balance with the planet and those who inhabit it

Because of this commitment, we have been certified by FlorEcuador and BASC, guaranteeing that we have the best people, innovation in our processes and environmental-social responsibility. 


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Flor Ecuador 

Flor Ecuador  is an integrated social and environmental flower certification for Ecuadorian companies dedicated to the production and commercialization of flowers

Our farm scored 100%, by guaranteeing: 

1. Safety and health to all of our workers.   

2. Integrate the efficient management  of natural resources and establish sustainable processes for environmental care.

3. Comply with labor standards and legal norms that guarantee our worker well-being


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The Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition, also known as BASC, It’s a cooperation program between the private sector and national and foreign organizations, created to promote safe international trade.

Through this certification, we confirm that there is a meticulous control in all the production processes such as:

  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Transport 

In Malima we guarantee that the cargo does not have the possibility of contamination (contraband and drugs) in any stage until reaching the final destination.


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