Why do Malima bunches sway?

MALIMA has been growing gypsophilia for nearly 30 years, gaining its customers´ trust and preference throughout more than 50 countries.

If you´re new to MALIMA, you may have noticed that our bunches sway a bit more than those of other gypso farms. This is due mainly to the open stage of our flowers: greater flower opening = more weight at the top. Below are some pictures to illustrate this.


Other Farms

Other farms vs MALIMA

Our bunches do sway, but our customers overlook this fact in order to enjoy the following benefits that only MALIMA offers:

1.     Much whiter and fuller flower… makes a HUGE difference in any bouquet

2.     Longer vase life: the more open the cut stage, the more energy the flowers have, thus they last longer.

3.     At the florist level, swaying doesn´t matter because they actually cut the stems considerably to make any bouquet.

Let us know your thoughts, we´d love to hear from you: sales@malima.com

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